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First you have to have a credit report on file to dispute. You can purchase a new credit report which includes credit scores and credit analyzer for $34.98 in the system.
Our credit analysis will determine what actions should be taken. Our proprietary credit analysis will give you an in-depth look at your credit. Showing you what accounts will be included in the dispute and why.
Our goal is to get the old, erroneous, inaccurate information deleted from your credit report to improve your credit score.
The credit bureaus require proof you are the individual requesting the dispute to avoid frivolous fraudulent request.
Federal Law allows Credit Bureaus and Data Furnisher (creditors) 45 days to complete investigations.
Your credit will immediately be disputed electronically to Trans Union, Equifax and Experian credit bureaus e-oscar automated system.
Experian, Equifax, CSC and Trans Union are required by law to send you letters to inform you that your credit is being verified and in dispute.
To see the results of the dispute you will need to pull a new credit report, we suggest allowing 45 days before pulling a new report. Creditxp Credit Comparison™ will compare the old credit report to the new report showing outcome of dispute.
You will login regularly and once your dispute is completed you can purchase a new report which will have new scores, analysis and comparison. Our system compares your old report to the new report and will show you what was removed and if any FCRA violation were committed by any of the creditors we disputed.
Our system will show what was deleted, verified and what if any creditor violations that may still exist.
Our system disputes all of your derogatory items at once for one low fee. Other companies charge a monthly fee and dispute one or two items a month keeping you paying a fee for as long as they can.
Our system is the only one we know of that documents creditor’s validation to a dispute resulting in proof of deceptive “Junk Debt Collector’s” violating the law.
In most cases junk debt collectors violate the date on the credit report showing that the account is a current charge off when it was actually charged off years ago. The junk debt collector reports it this way because it affects your credit score more. The more recent the charge off date the lower your score will be.
A collection company that purchases old out dated debt for pennies on the dollar and reports it as if it is a current debt. This is a FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) violation known as a Re-Aging Violation.
When a junk debt collection company does not correct an inaccurate date on a credit report once the account has been disputed.
Junk debt collectors violate the law regularly knowing that you cannot prove your dispute. This is a deceptive practice among the junk debt collectors used as a means to keep the debt on your report hoping you will pay.
The problem is holding them accountable and providing proof they violated the law! You may dispute your report by sending letters but do not have documentation when the report was pulled, where the report came from, when the creditor acknowledged the dispute, if they acknowledged the dispute, what violation they violated and documented the violations needed to take legal action against them. FTC requires proof of all of these steps to be able to take action in your behalf of these violations.
Our system documents the violations and can provide the information to the FTC or Attorneys seeking class action law suits against these companies.
We can file a complaint to the FTC. Our system will have documented the violation needed for the FTC to be able to take your case. They will contact the creditor providing proof of the violation and get correct.
After 45 days and you have uploaded a new report and compared the reports and have determined creditors have not corrected their data you may conclude that you would like to dispute the remaining account an additional time.
Creditors may not have complied with the dispute or may have transferred or sold the account to another collection company. This is a deceptive practice among the collectors used as a means to keep the debt on your report hoping you will pay. We recommend you check your credit regularly and dispute again if this occurs.
Creditors we have disputed may not have had time to correct and you may have to purchase another report to get accurate results.
The FTC requires documentation of a violation before a Complaint can be filed. Our system documents the re-aging violations which can only be addressed by the FTC.
All of them! What ever the Credit Analysis shows to recommend disputing.
Our propriety software analytics calculates many different rules and laws to determine creditor violations so you don’t have to.